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Merlin’s latest CD project is focused on songs for cello and voice which are derived from original music and text which she has been developing over the past five years. Subjects range from politics to death to childhood journeys and memories. The settings are of well-crafted image-oriented lyrics with inherent song like qualities where text weaves in and around story, poetry and surrealistic image.

The project includes a variety of guest artists as each song has it’s own unique instrumentation which, in addition to Cello and voice include piano, flute, trumpet, clarinet, Bass, accordion and musical saw. genres from Minimalism to art rock to Eastern European folk music are hinted at in a composite style of melody and close knit harmonies which slip sensually around the words.

A School House of Lost Teeth grapples with and fondles life's pains, quandaries, beauties and confusions.

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The Study of Speed is about just that, speed and how we are swept up in storms of it until we become sick to our stomachs and have no choice but to sleep, the antidote. It is written for cello and voice with horn section and accordion to be added for the final mix.

Vulerable Virgin
is a simple piano and voice song set to a short poem about the loss of innocence.

Walk Away Home
is an emotional setting of a poem about the disappearance of old farms in the country and encroaching housing developments, and how as a result childhood has changed dramatically. The song was created with Singer Dina Emerson and weaves between precise hocketing patterns of 2 voices and cello and lilting harmonies floating over a Cello ostinato accompaniment.

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